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    For years, Primetime Pruning has been the premier tree service provider for the greater Boise area, including Meridian, Idaho. Dedicated to customer service and high-quality results, our team of tree care specialists is here to ensure that your trees are healthy and well maintained. 

    If you are in need of any tree service, here in Meridian, we urge you to contact us and request your free tree care project quote

    We currently offer the following tree care services in the Meridian area:

    Our Meridian Tree Trimming & Pruning Services

    At Primetime Pruning, we provide our clients with a biologically-based approach to our trimming and pruning services to ensure that when the tree trimming project is complete that your trees will be as healthy as possible. 

    Let’s face it, nobody likes a scraggly, overgrown yard. Not only does it affect your home’s curb appeal, but it can also affect the overall health of your trees and yard. At Primetime Pruning, we utilize our extensive knowledge in tree trimming and pruning to create symmetry, stimulate healthy tree growth, and to beautify your yard and bolster its curb appeal. To learn more, visit our tree trimming and Pruning page.  

    Our Meridian Tree Removal Services

    If your yard in the Meridian area has a problem tree, we urge you to get in touch with us today. Dead trees, trees growing too close to structures, and trees that are affecting foundations can cause danger and unnecessary damages. Rather than letting the dead tree become a fall risk or letting the problem tree damage your property, we urge you to consider using our professional tree removal services. To learn more about our Meridian tree removal services, visit our tree removal page

    Our Meridian Tree Mulching Services

    Have you recently had a tree fall in your yard? Do you have a dead tree that you need to be removed? When trees fall or die, it is incredibly important to consider mulching the tree. Not only will doing so help to remove the obstacle now laying in your yard, but it will also help to promote your overall yard health. 

    At Primetime Pruning, we offer tree mulching services in the Meridian area to allow for the removal of dead or fallen trees, as well as to create valuable mulch that you can integrate within your landscaping. To learn more about our tree mulching services, visit our mulching page

    Our Meridian Tree Shaping Services

    When people think of tree shaping, they often associate it with tree pruning. In a sense, they are very similar. Tree shaping is a tree care service that addresses the aesthetics of your Meridian area yard. Rather than having a tree that looks largely unkempt, our team can trim and shape the tree so that it looks better and is prepared to grow stronger and healthier. For more information on our Meridian tree care services, contact us today

    Our Meridian Stump Grinding Services

    So you’ve had a tree removed in your yard only to leave a large, unsightly stump behind. Luckily, our team can help. Stump grinding is a great way to restore the soil in your Meridian yard to its natural state while also adding nutrients from the ground stump. If you are interested in learning more about our Meridian stump grinding services, visit our stump grinding page.

    Our Meridian Land Clearing Services

    Sometimes the trees and shrubs simply have to go. Whether your property has simply become overgrown, you are considering building a structure, or you simply want the trees and shrubs gon, our team of Meridian tree care specialists are here to help. Offering land clearing services, our team will show up and remove all unwanted debris from your property. To learn more about our land clearing services, here in Meridian, visit our land clearing page.

    Meridian Emergency Tree Removal

    If you have a tree on your property that is damaged, diseased, or dead, it can be a fall risk to you and those around you. Rather than simply accepting the liability on your property, we urge you to contact us to request our emergency tree removal services. It is our goal to promptly remove the dangerous trees from your property, allowing you to rest easy once again. 

    Why Choose Primetime Pruning For Your Meridian Tree Service Needs? 

    For years, Primetime Pruning has provided the Meridian area with high-quality, efficient, and affordable tree care services. It is our goal to help each and every customer with their tree care needs quickly and efficiently, leaving the trees stronger and healthier than we found them. 

    If you have any trees or shrubs on your property that are in need of our tree care services, we urge you to schedule a tree care appointment with our team today. Are you unsure of whether or not you really are in need of tree services? Contact a member of our Meridian tree services team to schedule a tree inspection on your property. We look forward to working with you.