eagle tree trimmingEagle is known for its beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views.

Resting at the base of the Boise foothills with a stunning view of the Treasure Valley, Eagle basks in the natural splendor of Idaho’s premier backcountry. Aside from the City of Trees, however, Eagle is also home to thousands of trees of hundreds of species. That’s why it’s imperative to maintain the trees that thrive in this wonderful community in order to keep them healthy, safe, and beautiful.

At Primetime Pruning, we understand that tree trimming is an essential part of maintaining a safe, beautiful home. That’s why we’ve mastered the craft of tree trimming and have a deep understanding of the trees here in Eagle and throughout the great state of Idaho. Through our professional trimming service, we will not only promote the health and integrity of your trees but sculpt them to complement your outdoor landscape.

Benefits of Eagle Tree Trimming Services


Trimming promotes the overall health of your trees by removing dead, broken branches and eliminating the spread of unwanted disease.


Trimming boosts the structural integrity of your trees by eliminating overgrown branches and excessive foliage making it more stable and safe to be around.


The trees in your yard are often the first thing people notice about your home. Boost the aesthetic value of your property by preventing overgrowth and removing dead or diseased branches.


No matter the season, Nampa is known to experience heavy storms which can present a variety of safety hazards. Trimming can reduce these hazards by making your trees less likely to fall victim to heavy winds, snow, and ice.

Primetime Pruning

At Primetime Pruning, nothing is more important to us than providing high-quality tree trimming service in Eagle, Idaho. If you would like more information, contact us at (208) 585-7922. We will take the time to listen to your concerns and provide you with a free over-the-phone quote followed by a more accurate, on-site estimate.