eagle tree trimmingEagle, Idaho is no ordinary place. Located between the Boise foothills and the Boise River, this small, upscale community ranks among one of the best places to live with it’s desirable location, breathtaking views, and high-end lifestyle.

Eagle is also home to thousands of trees that make up its beautiful landscape. However, there comes a time when a dead, damaged or diseased tree needs to be removed to protect your home, property, and nearby healthy trees.

At Primetime Pruning, our main goal is to keep the trees in our Eagle, Idaho community healthy and beautiful. Nevertheless, tree removal is often a part of what we do. When a tree is beyond repair and cannot be saved, our technicians take the time to carefully plan and remove a tree while preventing any accidents that could damage your home or property.

Eagle Tree Removal Service

Although tree removal is last resort option, there are certain factors that cause it to become a necessary service.

  • Improper Maintenance
  • Death, Disease or Insect Infestation
  • Storm Damage
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Mechanical/Construction Damage
  • Insufficient Watering/Fertilization

Primetime Pruning

Tree removal is a complex and often dangerous task that shouldn’t be done without the help of a professional. At Primetime Pruning, nothing is more important to us than providing high-quality tree removal services in Eagle, Idaho. If you would like more information, contact us at (208) 585-7922. We will take the time to listen to your concerns and provide you with a free over-the-phone quote followed by a more accurate, on-site estimate.