Have the best looking trees in your neighborhood.

At Primetime Pruning, we know that you want to be a proud homeowner with beautiful and healthy trees. The problem is trees can quickly become overgrown, unkempt, or may even damage property making you feel embarrassed, frustrated, and at worst costing you thousands. We believe you deserve to feel proud of your property. You deserve a tree care company that will value your trees as much as you do.

Your Trusted Source for Quality Tree Care Services.

We know that trying to find an experienced and trustworthy tree care service can be stressful, especially if you’re dealing with an urgent situation like a downed tree. You don’t have to worry about finding the right company to handle each different project, we do it all! We’ve made it easy to find a knowledgable, friendly, and trustworthy pruning company — our experienced and well rounded arborists can handle any job.

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Want Healthy Trees? Primetime Pruning Can Help

If you’re looking for a tree care company that will value your trees as much as you do,
choose Meridian tree pruning specialists, Primetime Pruning.

Our tree services don’t just keep your trees pretty—they keep them healthy.


  • Have trees that are beautiful and healthy.
  • Always have a trustworthy trimming company to call.
  • Get your projects completed quickly and on budget.
  • Feel proud of your property.
  • Don’t stress anymore.
  • Have the best looking yard.

3 Easy Steps to the Best Looking Trees

meridian tree pruning

Step 1. Contact us today.

You will be blown away by our transparent bidding and passion for this industry. We really care about the health of your trees.

meridian tree removal

Step 2. Get Expert Care.

Our team is professionally trained and ready to trim your trees. We will craft you the best looking trees with the strongest health possible.

Step 3. Feel proud of your property.

When you look out at your yard, you will feel proud of your property again. You’ll feel confident knowing that your trees were taken care of by the professionals.

Tree Trimming That’s Locally Founded, Owned, & Operated

Kyle Grayson started Primetime Pruning in 2016, 3 months after graduating from Tree Climbers International in Atlanta, GA. Since the beginning, customer care has been at the center of everything we do — we know that your satisfaction is the key to our continued success. We always aim to provide stellar customer service, expert tree care, and competitive bids because you deserve the best care, at the best price!

The tree technicians at Primetime Pruning use proven pruning methods, micronutrient systemic injections and a balanced blend of all major mineral trace element soil fertilizers to keep your trees strong and verdant.

We believe in sustaining the modern urban ecosystem through proper tree pruning and tree removal practices. Contact us now for tree trimming services in Meridian, ID and beyond.