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Primetime Pruning & Tree Removals is recommended tree care company serving Meridian and nearby Treasure Valley cities. Count on us to do the job right the first time!

Tree Trimming and Pruning

We provide precise and professional tree trimming or pruning services to maintain the health and appearance of your trees. With our expertise in tree care, we can keep your property beautiful and safe by removing dead or diseased branches, shaping and trimming trees, and promoting healthy growth. Our services are designed to meet the unique needs of each customer and their property. If you would like to receive a free quote or schedule tree trimming in Meridian, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly crew.

Tree Thinning Services

Tree thinning is an essential part of the health and beauty of your trees. It involves selectively removing branches from within the crown of the tree to allow more light and air to penetrate. The result is a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing tree that is less susceptible to diseases and pests. Thinning also helps to reduce the risk of branches breaking and falling during storms or high winds. Are your trees “too thick” or do they appear overgrown?  Call us today and schedule your free estimate.

Seasonal Pruning

As the seasons change, so do the needs of your trees. That’s why our seasonal tree pruning services are essential to the health and beauty of your trees throughout the year. Our certified arborists in Meridian know the unique needs of different tree species and can provide customized pruning services tailored to the specific requirements of each tree. In the fall, we offer trimming services to remove dead or diseased branches, shape trees for the winter, and prepare them for new growth in the spring.

Deadwood Removal

Deadwooding is a process where we selectively remove diseased, weak, dead and crowded branches from the tree’s crown or canopy. The goal is to prevent any potential hazards and eliminate rubbing limbs. We also trim trees to improve their light and air penetration, and all trimming is done at the bark collar to speed up the healing process. Scheduling regular tree services nips small growth issues in the bud before they become or and problematic down the road. Trust us, your trees will thank you for it!

Crown Lifting

Tree crown lifting involves trimming the lower limbs of a tree to create more space between the ground and tree’s branches. This elevates the crown, which improves visibility and creates a more aesthetically pleasing landscape. This is great for trees that are obstructing pathways, driveways, or blocking views. If you’re looking to create a more spacious and beautiful outdoor environment, consider our tree crown lifting services. Primetime Pruning is here to help you achieve the look and feel you desire for your property.

Tree Clearance Trimming

Are your trees causing issues with power lines, roofs, or other structures on your property? Our tree clearance trimming services address these specific issues, removing branches that are encroaching on power lines or creating a hazard for your roof or other structures. We’ll carefully evaluate your situation and provide tailored trimming solutions to ensure your trees are trimmed back safely and effectively. Let our clearance trimming service help keep your property safe and secure from tree-related hazards.

Save Money on Taller Tree Removals with Our Crane Service

Over the years, Kyle has successfully and skillfully climbed and removed thousands of trees here in the Treasure Valley.  However, some tree removal jobs need more than just modern climbing equipment and gear to safely get the tree on the ground with zero damage.

You want to know that the tree climber performing the work has been battle tested and has the experience necessary to perform the work with precision and proper execution.

When it comes to technical or hazardous tree removals, using a crane can be a game changer. It can speed up the removal process which saves the customer money, and it is often safer and more efficient to utilize a crane.

Therefore, we’re offering crane removal services for customers who have hazardous trees in tight spots.  Give us a call today and see if we can save you over a thousand dollars on your next tree removal project.

Related Tree and Shrub Services

Schedule A Tree Health Assessment

Our time-tested team has expert knowledge in all species of trees, allowing us to provide a variety of important services that maximize the health and beauty of the tree and shrub specimens on your property. When your tree is stricken with a fungal disease, its health could soon falter. In turn, it can become susceptible to toppling over in high winds, which could cause major property damage and perhaps even serious injuries.  Find out if your trees or shrubs are sick; schedule your tree health assessment today.

Tree Mulching by Certified Arborists

At Primetime Pruning & Tree Removals in Meridian, ID, we provide natural mulching services for your trees. Mulching isn’t just a landscaping technique, it’s an essential part of your tree’s life cycle. In nature, leaves naturally break down and provide organic material for the soil. Our natural tree mulching services help your trees foster a helpful fungus and bacteria, keeping the soil warm, and maintaining moisture levels. Let our certified arborists apply the science of natural mulching to keep your trees growing healthily.

Land and Lot Clearing

Primetime Pruning can assist with land and lot clearing in Meridian.  This allows you to use your property how you wish. Our team will remove any and all trees, shrubs, hedges and other natural debris, giving you the space you need to construct your dream home, shop, business complex, garage, recreational site or put it to use in some other way. We can even help provide access to your property by clearing a path. We guarantee you will be impressed with our quick, thorough land clearing services.

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Jim Peterson – Google Tree Service Review

Excellent tree work by Kyle who is the climber/business owner. He gives in-depth advice and explanations on the best methods of pruning to ensure a healthy tree and good appearance. Very precise work on site ensuring a safe and careful operation. Thorough cleanup, on time schedule, friendly knowledgeable crew, flexible posture ensuring customer satisfaction and they provide a very detailed quote. I am very pleased with the job well done and have requested additional close-to-house tree work this time. I can easily recommend this company for its quality work and expertise.

Bill Connor – Google Tree Care Review

Kyle has done work for us twice now. He knows his tree science and expertly took care of our trees. He is professional in all his dealings from estimates through clean up. Our trees look great. Thanks Kyle!

Brian Nelson – Google Tree Care Review

I had a couple of trees needing pruning along with a dead tree for removal and stump grinding. Kyle is very knowledgeable and detailed in explaining his approach. I also had a couple changes to the work I requested and they were flexible to adjust and provide guidance. The trees look great and clean up was thorough.

Adam Thomas – Google Tree Care Review

Primetime was great. Some companies just want to cut down trees, but primetime cares about ensuring trees are healthy and strong for years to come. They were quick, professional, knowledgeable, and left no sign that they had been here. Aside from two beautifully pruned trees.

Dave S. – Google Tree Service Review

Kyle Owner:Operator came out and discussed his background and what he would do. Very knowledgeable didn’t over sell and made recommendations. His price was fair and work top notch pun intended. He and one other tech knocked out three trees and clean up in 4hrs, they look great and left everything clean.I highly recommend him for others looking for good quality work at a reasonable price and likes the idea of owner operator small business.

Lawson Howland – Google Tree Service Review

I had to remove my front shade tree as it developed girdled roots which was slowly killing the tree and causing lawn problems. Kyle came out promptly, gave me a very fair price, and completed the job a week later. He cleaned up everything and gave me good advice on how to renovate the damage caused by the roots in my yard. Kyle did great work, and… he is a heck of a nice guy! If I need future help with trees or bushes, I now have someone to call, someone I trust – Primetime Pruning.

Chris Skidmore – Google Tree Service Review

I was referred to Kyle, and Primetime Pruning, by a buddy and I am so incredibly impressed. During the estimate, Kyle was incredibly knowledgable about the process and told me exactly what his team would do with my trees and shrubs. The estimate was extremely reasonable while the quality of the finished product was top notch. You can expect great customer service in terms of communication, promptness, and quality. We’ll be using them for all pruning and tree removal needs moving forward, and highly recommend to others. Thanks, Primetime!

Glen Patrick – Google Tree Service Review

Kyle is a very knowledgeable arborist. He did an excellent job trimming out substantial insect damage at the top of my 50-foot arborvitae trees. He safely and skillfully climbed to trim and thin the trees and did a great job cleaning up the jobsite. The price was very reasonable, and the trees look fantastic. I highly recommend him for any tree trimming project.

Barbara Walker – Google Tree Care Review

Primetime pruned 4 very large trees and took out multiple large bushes that needed removal. They were quick to respond and provide a bid. They came at the stated time and worked all day and thoroughly cleaned up after. I highly recommend.